Woman Finds Crate Of 22 Kittens Outside Pet Store And Then Sees Note On The Box


Kristi Idnurm got the surprise of her life when she went to work at Kristi’s Kats, Inc. one Sunday morning. There were three torn sheets of paper in her letterbox and one of them was really heart breaking.

After she finished reading the note, she went running to the back of her store. Waiting there for her was a crate of twenty two cats and kittens.

Kristi shared,

It was quite the surprise to realize that there were cats left outside the store.

Kristi is the owner of a cat rescue center and she loves to look after abandoned cats. But this not a usual cat story. The note that Kristi got explained that the former owner of the cats had recused these cats and played their part. But they could do little and had to give up the cats.

Here’s what the note had to say:

To someone I hope will help and try to be understanding,” the note read. “I have been rescuing cats for as long as I can remember, however this year has completely broke me. Out back is all the babies I can’t find homes for and I have run out of time. I couldn’t just let them go on the street.

The note went on to explain:

Please understand and read this before you judge… I had a full heat basement and garage dedicated to my kitties, only we had a fire. It burned more than half the house.

The circumstances of the poor person got worse with time. By February 2019, the former owners of these cats were looking after their son who broke in back in a tragic car accident. Not only this, but they were also taking care of their sick aunt who had stage 4 live cancer.

Not just for this couple, but it would be difficult for anyone to take care of twenty two cats and kittens. This would be a lot for anyone to handle. But this got worse when they found out that they were getting evicted from their home.

I am being evicted, I found homes for those I knew would be harder to adapt or wouldn’t do well without one of the other animals. Please know some of these babies have been in my life for 4 years, though most are under a year old. Enclosed is some things (information) about them.

The person left $30 along with cats and their belongings.

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