Woman Adopts A Cat That Was Ignored At The Shelter Because Of Her ‘Ugly’ Looks


People always choose what looks beautiful. This is why many furry paws don’t get an opportunity to find their forever home and get the life that they deserve. Some abandoned animals end up on the street, while some end up in shelter homes. But only the lucky ones get the opportunity to be spend their life in a happy home.

However, every person is not the same. There are people like Francisca Franken as well. After seeing a cat named Bean on a shelter’s website, Franken wanted to adopt her instantly.

Later on Franken got to know that the poor kitty has been in the shelter for over a year and on the shelter’s website for almost a month now.

Many people felt that the cat was ugly and looked grumpy. This is why nobody wanted to adopt the cat. Francisca was heart-broken when she got to know this and she knew that Bean desperately needed a home.

Francisca shared,

I moved into a bigger flat so I could have a cat again. When I lived with my parents, we had one. His name is Joker and I love him to death. So naturally, when I moved out, something was missing.

Francisca has always been around cats and she was very fond of them. She also said,

I lived one year without a cat and then moved to a bigger flat with a balcony so I could adopt a cat. I wasn’t planning on getting one right away, because it’s always a commitment. Well, that was until I saw Bean’s picture while browsing my local shelter’s website one night.

Adopting Bean was a sudden decision for Francisca, but she knew that she made the right decision. Francisca found Bean really funny when she first saw her. Bean looked like a rough street gangster.

The shelter said that the cat had some health issues as she was an exotic shorthair, but she was a feisty little diva. This stuck with Francisca.

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