“What’s Wrong With Your Cat?” Online Group Shared Hilarious Pics Of Their Malfunctioning Cats


Cats are mysterious beings and they have many hidden superpowers. Only those you know a cat know that you can never know a cat completely. A cat will always be full of surprises. So if you ever feel that your cat is acting all weird and strange, don’t worry. It’s their usual.

Here are some pawsome cats whose pictures were shared by an online group called “What’s wrong with your cat?” These cats are malfunctioning and they are the funniest ones you will ever meet. Have a look at them and laugh out loud!


When your cat asks you for something, you make arrangements and give him what he wants.


Do cats have a new way to sit now? Cats are learning really quickly from their hoomans.


It’s not just you, your cat is also going crazy with the ongoing pandemic crisis.


Cats know how to save themselves from water and keep a watch on their hooman as well.


What would you like to watch? The cat or the television? This is a very easy question. Cats are more amusing than anything else in this world.


When you catch your catch standing on his two paws and have no clue how he learnt that. Maybe the cat has been escaping and meeting a teacher when his hooman sleeps.


Sometimes cats melt in the heat too. There are a lot of things that your cat is capable of and you don’t know of yet.


A cat needs to sleep when it gets tired. They need not sleep in their beds and find weird places to sleep. But this is how cats are. They like to keep on exploring new things.


When you want to close the door and leave your cat outside, but he knows how to convince you. Just one look and you won’t be able to say anything.


You can leave your cat outside, but you can’t stop it from sneaking on you. Every cat has a way to keep a watch on his hooman and it works every time.

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