“What’s Wrong With Your Cat?” Online Group Has Owners Posting Pics Of Their Malfunctioning Cats (New Pics)


“What’s wrong with your cat?” is a pawsome group on the social media. They keep on posting pawsome and hilarious cat pictures. Those who know about the group know how amazing it is. But if you are not a part of the group, you need not worry.

Here is a pawsome collection of some hilarious cat pictures that started malfunctioning cats posted on the group. Have a look!


This cat likes to carry this little ball everywhere. He needs it by his side even when he sleeps.


When your cat is more interested in the show than you are, all you have to do is capture it in the right moment.


Cats motivate their hoomans to stay fit all the time. But it is not known how cats manage to do all these weird poses. Maybe they are secretly attending some yoga classes at night.


When you have two cats in the house, you need no alarm clocks.


Cats love to watch over their hooman in the shower. Every cat is fear that his hooman will drown.

Cats are scared of water and they feel that their hoomans should be too. The felines think that their hoomans are not aware what scary things can happen with them.


When you capture your cat yawning just like you, but you have no clue if cats are supposed to do that.


When your cat allows you to take a selfie with him, but only on one condition. “You let me do my weird pose and I will let you take a picture with me.”


When there are two cats and one box, this is how it will end up.


“My cat stares at me like this every time he is hungry. This is our thing and we somehow got it right.”


Your cat knows better than you what you actually need in life. Sometimes, your cat also throws out clothes out of your closet because it needs space for itself.

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