Twitter Thread Discusses Whether Or Not Cats Have Arms Or Just Legs


Many people often wonder if cats have arms or not? What do you think about this? Do cats have arms in your opinion or is it just legs. This could be quite confusing. Cats keep a lot of secrets from us. But is this a secret too? Maybe the discussion here will help you decide if cats really have arms or just legs.

Here is a twitter thread discussing whether or not cats have arms or just legs. Have a look at this twitter thread and maybe you will get an answer to this question.


Cats need to make better use of the forelimbs. Are they hands or legs?


This one definitely looks like a hand. What do you think? Cats have hands.


If you ever get a closer look at a cat’s hand, this is what it looks like.


Which side are you choosing? What is your reason to back it up?

Cats get to keep their secrets. We can’t find them till the time they themselves choose to share their secrets with us.


Now some people are finding it hilarious that cats can have arms too. Is the idea hilarious to you too?


How would cats ever grab stuff if they didn’t have hands? Are they capable of doing this with their hind legs?


Here’s what they are actually called! So the cats have forelimbs.


Well, we are back to the leg theory again. What do you think? Is this going somewhere?


More people think that cats have legs and not arms. So they have four arms.


It seems like the mystery remains unsolved. You need to make your own judgment now.

Don’t forget to share this hilarious twitter thread with your friends and family. It’s not important if you get an answer or not. What matters more is that you get to laugh and enjoy each moment of your life. What goes on in your mind about this funny question? Do cats have arms or just legs? Let us know in the comments below.

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