This Rescue Cat Has A Crooked Jaw But That Doesn’t Stop Her From Smiling


Humans get conscious how they look, but this is not the case with cats. The felines are always confident no matter how they look or what they do. After meeting Duchess, you will know that cats always embrace who they are.

Meet Duchess, a Siamese cat who has a crooked jaw!

Duchess had a bit rough starting to life. The poor cat was hit by a car with a broken jaw when she was found. Her rescuers immediately brought the cat to the Adobe Animal Hospital and Clinic in Texas. At the hospital, the cat was given the medical care and treatment when she desperately needed it.

An employee named Crystal Tate at the animal hospital said,

The impact from the car broke her jaw, and seeing the condition she was in, most other places would have chosen to euthanize her.

The hospital put in their best efforts and repaired the cat’s jaw. Even though the surgery went well, Duchess won’t ever be able to eat properly again. As the cat’s jaw was shattered, there were only few teeth left in her mouth.

Duchess stayed at the clinic for an entire month in order to recover from the surgery. The cat was given a number of different medications and Duchess had to eat through a feeding tube.

Crystal fell in love with the cat when she saw her going through it all.

She said,

Every day, I would spend time with her, petting her, talking to her and when the doctors asked me if I could give her a home a few weeks later, I knew immediately we were meant to be in each other’s lives.

Duchess now has a beautiful home and lives happily with Crystal. There is another cat named Oliver in the home, a bichon named Peaches and a Siberian Husky named Joshua too. Duchess loves to play with her new siblings.

The medical treatment for Duchess continued even after she moved to Crystal’s home. The little cat is getting stronger day by day.


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