This Cat’s Eyes Have A Very Unique Appearance Due To A Condition Called Heterochromia


Every cat is unique in its own way. Though ever cat looks different, each of them is beautiful and adorable. This article will tell you a story of a very special cat named Pam Pam. This little cat has the most beautiful eyes a cat can have in the entire world.

Meet Pam Pam, the cat with the most beautiful eyes!

Do you want to know how this cat has different colored eyes? Pam Pam has different colored eyes due to a special condition called heterochromia iridis. Due to this condition, cats have abnormalities in the iris. Every cat who has this condition has both the eyes with different colors which makes them even more beautiful.

This condition is usually due to genetic inheritance, mutation or inbreeding. However, in the Turkish Angora cats, this trait is desirable and the breeders try their best to maintain it this way.

Another type of heterochromia is called segmental heterochromia. This condition results into different colors in the same eye. If a cat inherits heterochromia, then it is completely harmless. This condition can be found in both cats as well as humans.

Here are some more adorable pictures of Pam Pam. Have a look at them and you will definitely appreciate the beauty of this cat!

Due to the special condition that this cat has, it seems as if there are two different universes in the eyes of this little cat. Her eyes make her look even more innocent. It is really difficult to look away from this cat’s eyes. They look so beautiful and adorable.

Nobody can ever call Pam Pam selfish or mean. She looks so innocent and adorable at all times. Anyone would love to have such a cat. Just like other cats, Pam Pam also likes to play pranks on her hoomans from time to time. Well, it’s every cat’s birth right. You just can’t take it away from her.

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