This Cat Café Lets 100 Rescue Cats Roam Free Around You


If you are a cat lover and you get to visit South Korea, do visit this pawsome cat heaven in Gaehwa-dong, Seoul. This is the most adorable place for any cat lover out there and this sweet café will satisfy your soul.

Even though this café has admission fee, the fee includes a drink.

However, you cannot drink or eat for the sake of around hundred cats roaming around freely. You are allowed to take the drink when you leave. Anyways, who would need a drink when you are surrounded by such pawsome creatures!

If you ever plan to visit the Cat Lover Garden, do book a table in advance by visiting their website. This place has many visitors everyday. It is also overcrowded at times. The entry fees may vary from $9 to $14, depending on the age of the person.

In order to avoid harming the cats, everyone who enters this law garden needs to wash their hands properly. After you get inside the café, you will be provided with boxes and blankets required for capturing the attention of the pawsome cats there. This is completely pawsome.

There is a sad story about this place. All the cats here used to be stray or feral cats. These lovely cats have had a tough life when they lived on the streets and fended for themselves. The cats were hopeless and all alone. Fortunately, the Cat Lover Garden adopted all the cats.

What’s more to this place? If you come across a cat that you want to take home, then you can adopt the cat as well. The Cat Garden acts as an adoption agency as well. But you need not worry if you can’t adopt a cat because the cats are really happy at the garden and living their best life.

The cats at the Cat Lover Garden have lots of companions to hangout with. They can wander around freely and hangout with all the humans who visit this lovely place. The cats here are very friendly and calm.

If you don’t get to visit this Cat Garden, then do visit their page on Instagram and follow them. Your heat will melt after watching all the lovely cats.

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