There Is A Cat Temple In Japan And Its Monks Are The Cutest


There are cat lovers in every part of the world. If you love cats, then you should definitely visit the Meow Meow Temple in Japan. It is called Nyan Nyan Ji. The pawsome cat temple in located in Kyoto.

As soon as you hear about this temple, what comes to your mind? Cats, obviously! This place is full of cats and it is definitely a dream place for all the cat lovers on this planet. Nyan Nyan Ji has a cat monk and lots of cat assistants.

Meet Koyuki, the head monk of Nyan Nyan Ji! She loves to have visitors all the time and even interacts with the worshippers.

Everyone who visits the cat temple gets to meet the cat monk named Koyuki who is the current monk of the temple. The cat monk’s owner said,

This temple was opened by painter Toru Kaya with the theme of this favorite cat.

The painter did quite a good job building the temple. You would really appreciate him when you visit the cat temple. There are pawsome cat paintings and statutes everywhere in the temple. There is also a little temple shop called Littlefootmark Ren if you want to take souvenirs for your family and friends.

There are mainly seven cats who work in the temple: Koyuki (who is female), Waka (male), Chin (male), Aruji (male), Ren (female), Konatsu (female), and Chicchi (female).

Koyuki’s owner said,

Visitors who come to worship play with cats and enjoy cafes and cat art.

Koyuki, being the cat monk, is the most popular feline at the temple. Before Koyuki, there were three generations of feline monks. In 2016, the cat temple was opened and since then, there has been a lot of changes.

Even though the cat assistants are not as popular as the cat monk, they are adorable and you would love to spend some time with them.

If you ever visit Japan, do put the famous cat temple on your list. The temple is located at 520 Yasekonoecho, Sakyo-Ku, Kyoto 601-1253, Kyoto Perfecture, Japan.

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