The 15 Most Important Cat Tweets Of The Year


Cats are always on the list when it comes to talking about something important. Cat owners love to take funny pictures of their cats and share it with everyone. Here are some of the most important cat tweets of the year. Have a look at these cat tweets and get a good laugh!


Cats love to destroy plants even if they are fake. It doesn’t matter to them. Once the cats put the plant to rest, they get really happy.


These cats are not just watching the storm, but they are controlling it too. Cat hoomans have no clue what their cats are busy doing all day long.


When you find your cat in the entire home and this is where you find him.


This is why cats know everything. They sunbathe on cart of books. The secret of the wise cats has finally been revealed.


Cats will keep on bringing weird gifts for their hoomans. They just want to put a smile on their hooman’s face in any manner possible.


Cats can be quite expressive at times. Once they get comfortable around you, they will react to everything that you do.


When you find your cat right in the spotlight and you have no clue what he is up to.


This is one easy way for a cat to change its color.


You need to be really careful with the choice of rugs when there is a cat living with you.


When you catch you cats in this adorable moment and wonder where did they learn this from.


Cat hoomans can do anything for their cats. Look how this hooman is working.


When both of your cats become best friends instead of fighting for attention and you are the one getting ignored.


Cats are always there to rescue you.


Cats can have a variety of friends. Don’t be surprised if it brings a snake home.


Instead of feeling the pain, this cat actually likes his new look.

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