Spotted! Majestic White Cougar In The Atlantic Forest Of Brazil For The First Time


Have you ever seen a white cougar in your life? If not, then you will be really excited to read about the story of this white cougar. Every animal is special and unique. But there is something different about white cougars. They are very rare and difficult to spot.

Animals don’t like to be interrupted and they like to walk around in their natural habitat freely. This is why the only way to spot them is to place hidden cameras in the wild. It is the best way to capture animals without scaring them away. Humans are not even aware of some unique and beautiful animals that are rare to spot. You are really lucky if you have seen some of these rare animals.

Recently, pictures of white cougar surfaced on the internet and everyone is going crazy over them. White cougars are a rare sight. If you haven’t seen one before, then here’s one that was recently spotted in the Atlantic forest of Brazil for the first time. You don’t get to witness such a beautiful animal every day.

Even though these images first came out in 2013, they only resurfaced recently on the internet. Scientists confirmed that it was the first case of a leucistic cougar. It is not an albino, if you are getting confused. The cougar appears white in color because it is leucistic. Animals who have leucism have a partial loss of pigmentation. Even though the cougar appears purely white, it is not.

The puma was found on a reservation in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest named Serra dos Órgãos National Park. A trap camera captured these photos.

The feline sector of the animal kingdom often have albinism, leucism and melanism. These things are very common among the felines. However, there were hardly any cougars on record who had these conditions. It is scientifically proved that this white cougar is the first ever case. There is no doubt about this. This condition is very rare and even scientists don’t know the reason behind this rare condition. So if you ever get to witness such a thing, consider yourself very lucky.


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