Sneaky Kleptomaniac Cat Steals The Weirdest Things From Her Neighbors To ‘Gift’ To Her Mom


Cat lovers can’t resist when they hear about little cats who need to be rescued. Monica Vicens is no different. She knew she had to help the kittens who were abandoned in her backyard. After meeting with the smallest of the lot, Vicens instantly fell in love with the kitty. The little white and brown tabby kitten made her way into Vicens’ heart and then into her home.

Vicens said,

China was the only girl and the runt of the three. I already had a 4-month-old male kitten named Waffles from that same yard and had fallen in love with China, so I decided to keep her.

The little scrawny kitten soon grew up to be a fierce huntress. The cat would often go out and bring random gifts for their hoomans. Vicens said that in order to keep the cat inside, they had to keep the windows and doors closed. Cat used to get living creatures inside the house, creating a mess.

It seemed as if the cat had taken up the responsibility of the entire family. Vicéns said,

She would get up every morning as if it was her job to go out there and provide for the family.

China would bring different things home. But one day, China brought home the funniest gift for his hooman. Instead of living things, the cat has now started bringing home random objects as gifts.

The list of gifts that China got included cigarettes, matches, etc.

As soon as the cat’s hooman found out that the kitty was stealing everything from her neighbour, she started putting it back in their yard. But the cat instantly brought everything back. Vicens had to then wait for her cat to sleep in order to return those things.

The cat means everything to Vicens. China gets the best gifts for her hooman, even though it steals it from the neighbors. It only shows that the cat really loves her hooman a lot.

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