Shelter Cat Discovers How To Open Doors And Each Night Frees Fellow Cats From Confinement


This is a story about a cat named Quilty. The little kitty is all about prison breaking and will definitely give your prison breaking idols a run for money. The cat is fast, wise and easily gets away with everything he does.

All the fans of Prison Break will definitely love this story.

The shelter that the cat was living in caught his naughty antics. Quilty was rescued in 2012 by the Friends for Life Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization in Houston. Even though Quilty has been an indoor cat, he likes to go out often. Especially, when it involves escaping through doors, the cat just can’t stop himself.

But whenever it happens, Quilty doesn’t escape alone. He takes other cats along with him. At times, it’s just one cat and at other times, it’s all together.

The Feline Manager at the shelter is always busy chasing all the cats around. Quilty knows how to keep everyone entertained at the shelter.

The shelter even posted about this naught cat on Facebook. The other cats at the shelter are really grateful to Quilty. They enjoy all the times when Quilty lets them escape. The cat opens does and each night frees fellow cats from confinement. He knows that freedom is invaluable and everyone should get to enjoy.

Even though the other cats enjoy the little stunts that Quilty pulls, the staff at the shelter is not at all happy about it. The shelter staff has to run after the cats and bring them back. Even though the shelter tried to confine Quilty, it was of no use. The escape artist always found a way to free himself and barge into meeting rooms. The cat has got a lot of courage.

It seems as if Quilty always knows what’s going around. It’s like he has a feeling that everyone is talking about him. You might be under an impression that the cats in the shelter are completely confined, but this is not so. The cats are free to roam around in the cat room.

It’s where the role of Quilty comes into play. He opens up that room and escapes. Maybe roaming around in the cat room is not the idea of freedom for Quilty. He wants much more than that and also wants other cats to see what actual freedom feels like.

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