Scientists Develop Vaccine That Could Stop Cat Allergies


There are various kinds of allergies and they could take any form. People can be allergic to anything and many people don’t even have clue about it. Some people are even allergic to cats. Not only this, but people who don’t like animals often use this as an excuse.

For people who don’t like animals, this allergy may come as a blessing for them.

But those who love animals and can’t stay away from them, this is truly a curse. It’s like your furry pet is just there, but you can’t hug them. It is the cruelest and worst thing to ever happen to anyone.

But all the animal lovers out there who are allergic to animals need not worry anymore because there is a solution for it. You won’t get sniffy nose or itchy eyes now if you get close to animals. There is a vaccine for all the allergic animal lovers out there. It was discovered by the Swiss scientists and it definitely works. Read ahead to know all about this vaccine.

In  the United States of America, cats are the most famous pets. These furry pets are super adorable and pawsome. The need of the hour is fluffy hugs from furry cats and not dogs. You will see cute and adorable cat videos all over the internet. Every person alive has at least once googled funny cat videos if not more than that.

The cat lovers out there just can’t seem to have enough of these pawsome cats. In short, cats are the best and there is no debate about this. There is no better companion that you can wish for. But sadly, some people are allergic to cats.

Scientists have found that animal allergy is caused by a protein present in the cat fur called Fel-d1. These protein particles are spread by hair or fur of cats on couches or beds which cause the allergy. This protein is responsible for rush of histamines in the allergy sufferers.

Many people use antihistamines tablets to reduce the flue like symptoms caused by this allergy.

However, this is only short term and cannot cure the allergy itself. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this cat allergy.

Immunotherapy can be a solution to this problem. This exposes sufferer with allergens and causes a slow relief. But now a new vaccine has been developed that can cure the animal allergy completely.

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