Research Shows Losing A Cat Feels Just Like Losing A Family Member


You may decide that you want to adopt a cat. But it’s the cat who chooses their hooman. You don’t even realize how quickly a cat becomes a part of your family. Life before cats seem awfully dull when you bring a cat into your house. All you have to do is shower them with your love and affection and they are all yours. The felines don’t want your expensive gifts. More than the big beds and the expensive things that you buy for your cats, the time that you send with them is more valued by them.



The felines follow their hoomans everywhere around the house. Privacy is a word that doesn’t exist in a cat’s dictionary. So no matter what you do, they have to be there in the same room as you. Also, bathrooms are not an exception to this.



So when the cats leave you, the emptiness in your house hits really hard at first. Cats become an important member of the family. They assume all the roles from a small baby to the wise one. Cats are very wise even when they act silly most of the times. All the weird things that they do are just to put a smile on your sad face.



People may call cats selfish and mean. But cat hoomans know that their cat loves them the most. There is nothing more precious for the cats than their cat hoomans. The pain that one feels after losing a cat is similar to losing a family member.


Most cat hoomans know that departing from the cat will be the hardest thing to do. Still all the pawsomeness is worth it. Anything to be with a cat! That’s how much cat hoomans love their cats, just like little babies.


Cats are such pawsome beings that they always bring happiness along with them. It’s just heart breaking to lose your constant furry companion who has nothing but pure love in its heart.

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