Rescue Puma Lives His Best Life As A Spoiled House Cat


People like to keep all sorts of pets. But have you ever imagined if a puma can be domesticated and kept as a house cat. After reading this story, you will know the answer to this question.

Meet Messi, the puma who is a house cat! Let’s say a spoiled one.

The puma was named after the famous footballer from Argentina. This puma was adopted by Mariya and Aleksandr who live in Penza, Russia. Messi is living with his hoomans since 2016. He is living the life that every pet would dream about.

Messi was sold to a petting zoo in Penza when he was three months old. The puma was not like any other puma. He was smaller than a puma usually is. Messi also had some health issues, so he couldn’t survive in the zoo. He was also not fit to live in a wildlife sanctuary.

The only option that was left with the petting zoo staff was to put Messi to sleep. He wasn’t fit to survive in the zoo or the wildlife sanctuary.

Mariya and Aleksandr showed up the right moment to rescue the little puma and gave him a home. They knew that the puma belonged with them.

Once they got Messi home, they took good care of him and he was in good health again soon. However, the couple’s cat Kira had an issue with this new addition to the family. Cats don’t like it when someone else get their hooman’s attention.

Even though Messi’s hoomans consider him as a cat, they had to train him like a dog.  Messi attended a dog training facility. He also goes for walks with his hoomans, eats raw beef, turkey and chicken.

Messi got viral quickly when people found out about the puma. But not many people liked the idea of domesticating a puma. It is not a good idea to tame big cats. Messi is a gentle puma. He is nothing like the other pumas.

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