Pregnant Cat Headed To Police Station To Deliver Kittens And Became Part Of The Force


Cats don’t have an easy life on the streets, especially when they are pregnant. It is very difficult for the felines to take care of themselves, let alone take care of her kittens. However, the calico kitty in this story got really lucky. Some really amazing people came forward to help this pregnant kitty. Read the story and you will know all about it!

The cat went straight to the Busan Police Station in  Pusan, South Korea to get help. The kitty was morning her late kitten when she met the officers. The kind officers felt really bad for the kitty and decided to help the poor cat. They helped the cat to put her baby to rest while the cat observed from a distance.

The feline mother was really grateful for the sympathy that these police officers showed. Soon after, the cat got pregnant again and this time she went straight to the headquarter of the Busan Police Station. The cat needed the help of those kind officers and she found it there.

This time everything went well and the cat was able to give birth to healthy kittens with the help of the officers. All the four kittens were beautiful and healthy. The kind policeman decided to adopt all the kittens. They also gave an adorable name to the mama cat and started calling her Mollang. The meaning of this name is “don’t know” in Korean. This sounds interesting and hilarious at the same time.

There is no information as to where the cat came from. But none of this matters anymore. The cat and her kittens have now got their own station and they have become a major part of these officers. Since then, the cat and her kittens are leading an amazing life. They have their own shelter and sufficient food to fill their stomach, not to mention the incredible butlers. The cat really have all that they need and they feel completely loved and cherished.

The story doesn’t end here. Mollang, the mother cat, is also one of the most hardworking member of the police station. The police officers also gave adorable uniforms to the little kittens. In order to show her gratitude, Mollang often sends dead rats to the police officers. Even though this is a bit messy, the police officers really adore these gifts.


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