People Share How They Accidentally Conditioned Their Cats To Learn Unusual Skills Or Habits


It is easy to teach your cats anything. But sometimes you don’t even realize that you are accidentally conditioning your cat to learn unusual skills or habits. If you think this through, you will get to know why your cats do certain things the way they do them. Is it because of you? It is highly likely that you have conditioned them to be this way.

Here are some people who shared how they accidentally conditioned their pets to learn unusual skills or habits. Have a look at these pawsome cat pictures and get to know their amusing stories!


A cat knows perfectly well how everyone should be treated. Your cat knows more than you think.


Cats can make little sacrifices to stay close to their hoomans. “Don’t worry, hooman. I won’t let you drown. I am here to take care of everything.”


A cat always knows how to get his way. “I need some treats, hooman!”


“I will take care of the spiders for you. Just raise me a bit higher. Yes, I can see one there.”


A cat needs to make sure that his hooman is alright. “Are you okay, hooman? I have to make sure that you are okay. Who will serve me food otherwise?”


You better not resort to that little kitty. It’s bad manners to scare other people like this.


A cat likes to feel desired and appreciated. He really cares what his hooman thinks about him. “Here you go, hooman. Do you need anything else?”


You think that you can make your cat do anything you like. But this is not true. It will only use everything for its own advantage.


A cat knows how to keep his hooman on track. “That’s enough for today hooman. I am hungry. Make food for me now.”


A cat needs everything on time, especially when it comes to food.

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