Pawsitively Hilarious Instagram Account Publicly Shames Cats And You Won’t Be Able To Stop Laughing (New Pics)


Cats always get to do what they want and they never care about your opinion. It’s hilarious how cats never realize that they are being weird and doing silly things. The felines always get to follow their heart. It is best that they don’t care what others think. Otherwise, it won’t be that easy for them.

Here is are some pictures from a hilarious Instagram account that publicly shames cats and we can’t stop laughing. Have a look at these cat photos and you won’t be able to stop laughing too!


Cats love to be around warm things, but sometimes it burns and they regret it. Everyone makes mistakes. Cats also make mistakes. They are not as perfect as we think they are.


A cat always gets what it wants. It would be totally unfair if dogs looked better than the cats. The felines can never let this happen.


Cats are really scared when their hoomans take a bath. Cats need to ensure their interest first. “Don’t drown in there, hooman. Who will feed me when you die?”


This is how a cat looks like after having too much catnip. “Leave me alone, hooman. I can handle this on my own.”


When a cat visits you often, it is only reasonable to get a bed for him.


Cats don’t like it when their hooman gets a boyfriend or a girlfriend. They can go to any extent to keep their hoomans single. “You belong with me, hooman. You don’t need anything else.”


Cats don’t act adorable all the time. Sometimes you have to look past their adorableness and find out what they are actually up to.


A cat never forgets and it would be good if you do the same.


Cats are judging everything that you do. Make sure that you don’t do anything that make them regret choosing you.


Are you trying to compromise with a cat? You should know that the cat will surely get what it wants.

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