Panther Abandoned By Its Mother Grows Up With A Human And Rottweiler


An adorable panther named Luna was born in Siberian zoo. But sadly, Luna’s mother disowned her and refused to take care of her.

The panther was completely hopeless and her chances of survival were less. This is when a kind woman came around who had raised big cats previously. She decided to take Luna in and gave her the proper diet full of vitamins.

The woman grew close to Luna and decided to buy her. She knew that she could give Luna everything that she deserves. This is how Luna happily became part of her family.

The woman was not sure how Luna would react when she would meet her dog Venza. She made sure that the two became friends. So she introduced Luna and Venza to each other and as expected, they both became friends quickly.

Even though Luna was not accepted by her own mother, this woman gave her the love and care she deserved.

As the woman had previous experience of raising big cats, it was the perfect match. There couldn’t have been a better place for Luna.

Since Luna could not get her mother’s milk, she had to be given special vitamins and diet to make up for it.

Luna’s videos are also available on TikTok and YouTube. You can checkout all the amazing videos of this healthy panther there. In the videos, Luna and Venza are captured playing together and they are super entertaining.

Luna happily adapted to her new family and home. It was as if she belonged there from the beginning.

The woman who took Luna in is very kind and definitely know how to take care of animals. Both her pets are happy to have her as their hooman.

If you ever decide to take animal as your pet, make sure that you are capable of taking good care of that animal. It is very important that a pet owner must be responsible and know how to take care of his pet. Otherwise, it would unnecessarily trouble both of them.

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