Cat Destroys Owner’s Earphone Cable, Returns With A Snake As Replacement


No matter how adorable your cat is, it doesn’t means that he won’t destroy your things or create a mess. This is an integral part of being a cat. Being a cat hooman, these are some of the things that you agree to. But this can’t stop the cat hoomans for blaming their cats for all the things they break or the mess they create.

Recently, a cat hooman named Haryanto Pherwhirra Ramadhani in Indonesia had a similar experience. His eight month cat was playing with his earphones and before he knew it, they were torn into half. Haryanto got so angry after seeing his earphones destroyed. He scolded the little cat for this act, but the cat ran away immediately.

The little cat returned almost after an hour and not alone. In his teeth, the kitty was grabbing a snake. The cat could have got a new pair of earphones if it was possible for him, but the snake was the only replacement that he could find. There was no way that Haryanto could complain now.

Haryanto said,

I was so shocked to see it return with a snake. Snakes are very rare in our area.

The action of the cat caught his hooman completely off guard. Even though Haryanto couldn’t use the snake instead of the earphones, it was the thought that really counted. The cat surely has amazing hunting skills. Everyone was super impressed with the hunting skills of the cat. The cat owner can’t be mad at the cat anymore for destroying his earphone cable as the cat returned with a snake as a replacement.

Haryanto shared this story on Facebook as well and the post has already got more than ten thousand likes. This is just the beginning. As the word will spread, the cat will have more and more followers.

Here’s what people are saying about this cat and his amazing hunting skills.

Cats are pawsome and they have pure love for their hoomans in their hearts. Even though they do stupid things at times that hurt their hoomans. But in their hearts, the cats never have any such intention to harm their hoomans.

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