Mom Sends Updates Of Her Daughter’s Cats To Her When She’s Not Home & It’s Hilarious


Living with a cat is very different as compared to living with other pets. There is nothing predictable about cats. The felines are always in a different mood and the cat hoomans never know what is going to happen next. Every cat hooman out there gets really anxious when they have to stay away from their cat. But this cat hooman’s mother understands everything about the separation anxiety. She came up with an amazing idea of sending regular updates about the cat to her daughter.

Here’s how this cat hooman’s mom sends updates of her daughter’s cats to her when she is not home and it is hilarious! Have a look at these updates and you will also get some creative ideas!

Being weird is what cats do best and nobody has a doubt about it.

It’s just twenty minutes! Cats love to sleep for hours in their hooman’s lap and you are not allowed to move even a bit when the cats are at it.

This cat will definitely go down the history for being the purrfect rectangular chunk. Also, people can’t stop adoring cats for who they are.

Cats are always sleep and they think that it is the best way to spend their lives.

This is what will happen when you ask for a cat’s help. You will end up with more mess and feel lazy to clean everything up just like your cat.

Even though cats don’t show it often, but they love their hoomans a lot. Whenever their hoomans leave them at home, the cats wait eagerly for their hoomans to return.

When you finally manage to get your cat’s cooperation in something that you are doing. Most of the times, cats like to sit by and observe.

Once a cat sits somewhere, it won’t get up for hours. So just go about your work and don’t even try to move the cat. You will only end up with scratches and bite marks.

This cat has also got some moves. If you are lucky enough, you will manage to watch some. But you have to be on time.

This cat hooman’s mom is really doing her best to keep her daughter updated about her cat. Every cat hooman needs this person in his life. After all, cat hoomans get really worried for their cats when they are not around them.

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