Meet Yana, The Two-Faced Kitty Whose Parents Ran Out Of Ink


Cats come in all shapes, sizes and colors. But some of them are so unique that you might not have seen anything like them before. Some cats are two faced, but not in the way you are thinking.

Meet Yana, the two faced cat and you will know what we are talking about.

After meeting this cat, you will know that being two faced is not such a bad thing. This chimeric feline has amazing unique markings on his face. It seems like the cat’s parents ran out of ink. Whatever the reason be, the cat looks pawsome the way she is!

Back in July 2016, there was an ad posted for this cat on a Belarussian website called Nasha Niva. Yana was looking for her forever home and it didn’t take long for the kitty to find it. She now happily lives with his hooman.

Yana’s hooman Elizabeth is a design and architect student from Orshaa, Belarus. She studies in Minsk at the National Technical University.

Yana soon became famous on the internet and has over sixteen thousand followers on Instagram. Looking at this cat, it is no big surprise. It is easy to fall in love with this beautiful face.

Yana is a loving cat and she becomes social with everyone very quickly. She is very happy with her hooman.

The double shade of this cat’s face helps her hide easily in the wild. It’s a big task for her hooman to find her when the cat hides somewhere.

Look how beautiful the cat looks easily blending in her surroundings!

Yana never shies away from the camera. He happily gets her pictures clicked.

Here’s Elizabeth with her adorable cat named Yana! They are the perfect pet hooman couple.

Don’t forget to share this beautiful cat’s story with your friends and family! It is always good to share such pawsome cat stories with your friends. More and more people should know how beautiful cats are and their stories too.

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