Meet Potato, The Cat That Lost His Ears But Found His Forever Home And A Best Friend!


Cats are pawsome and everything they do is adorable. However, some cats have to go through some hardships before they get what they really deserve. Such is the story of a kitty named Potato. Here’s the story of little Potato who lost his ears. It is truly heart melting.


Meet Horlicks and Potato, the two best friends that cannot be separated.


Potato was born without ears and is the cutest cat that you will meet. The wholesome story of this cat will melt your heart.


Potato is a stray cat who used to roam around the streets of China before the little cat was rescued by a local shelter.


The little kitty was luckily rescued by animal rescuers two years ago while he was sick and abandoned.


There was ceruminous adenoma in the ear canals of the kitty and on the earflaps of the cat. The vets did their best to remove the adenoma. However, it returned back in some time and there was no other option but to remove the earflaps and canals of the cat in order to prevent the disease from spreading.     


The kitty is recovering now and has also found his best friend Horlicks. This is a great thing for the little kitty.


Potato’s owners say that the cat can still hear them even though the kitty doesn’t have ears anymore. The hoomans of Potato shared a picture of the kitty on Instagram with the caption:

Potato was a stray cat, so no one knows when he was born or how old he is.


Everyone ended up guessing that the kitty is about 6 years old and since the kitty was adopted somewhere around 25th April 2019.


Potato loves to spend time with people.


Potato and Horlicks love to cuddle and sleep together.


Look at one of the cutest pictures of the best friends! Don’t they look adorable!


The kitty is pleased to show off some of his karate skills also at times.


Potato waits patiently for his hooman’s instructions before doing anything.


Cats can also get confused when they have the option to watch and play games.


The two cats are always ready to get clicked.


When a cat is sleeping peacefully in your arms, you dare not move.


This cat is all about grooming.


The grooming session continues.


When a cat wants something, it makes sure that it has it all.


You just can’t get enough of cats.

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