Meet Maisey, The Cat Who Is Constantly Embarrassed


There are lot of wonderful cats all around the world. Some are sneaky, some are grumpy and some just like to be left alone. But Maisey is different from them all. You have to meet her in order to know why is that so.

Meet Maisey, the adorable Scottish Fold kitten!

There is something about this cat’s eyes that make her stand out of the crowd. Maisey always has this confused and embarrassed look on his face. Nobody knows what the cat has been thinking all this while.

But this doesn’t mean that Maisey is just a sweet cat. She has certain hidden sides too. Sometimes, Maisey likes to act all playful and may give you a cheeky wink.

Most of times, Maisey appears worried as if something is about to go wrong. What are you worrying about, little kitty?

The beautiful snowy cat is not at peace even when she is with her hooman. This constant look of worry on the cat’s face concerns her hooman. But maybe this is how the cat likes to be.

Some people think that it is all because of the cat’s eyes. The big beautiful eyes of the cat are the reason for her worried look. But she is totally adorable. You can’t just look at her once.

Sometimes, it seems as if Maisey remembered something from her past that was really sad. The kitty looks like she is in a state of trauma.

No matter what happens, Maisey is constantly embarrassed.

Everyone is trying to figure out what’s wrong with the cat. However, no one has been successful yet.

The cat is so adorable, still you can’t go without noticing the sad look on her face.

Go ahead and share the story of this adorable cat named Maisey who is constantly embarrassed. Maybe spreading the story will help to find out what the cat has been worrying about. What do you think about this cat? Share with us in the comments!

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