Loving Cat Refuses To Leave His Grandpa’s Side Ever Since He Realized He Was Sick


Many people assume that cats are mean and selfish even without knowing cats. This is very wrong. After reading this pawsome story you will get to know that animals can be emphatic, just like humans.

This little cat realized that his cat hooman’s father wasn’t well. The grandpa was very ill.

What this cat did next will definitely warm your heart!

The cat knew that he had to do something to help the old man. It all began when Kelly Nugent moved to New York from Sunshine State for a short period. Kelly wanted to be there for her father who was seriously ill.

Kelly took his little cat named Sweet Potato along with him on that trip. The grandpa was diagnosed with a severe form of bone marrow cancer. He was undergoing some difficult treatment. Everyone knows how difficult it is to go through chemotherapy, drugs and radiation involved in the recovery process.

Kelly shared,

He started having a really hard time getting around and doing things and pretty much needed 24-hour care while he was healing. My dad is my best friend, and I realized I just had to be there with him.

Sweet Potato did his best to help the old man during his difficult days. He showered him with attention and love. This in itself is incredibly heart-warming and cute.

Kelly added,

He’s the sweetest cat on the earth. He just loves everybody and wants to be around people. He has that dog-like personality.

Sweet Potato has changed the old man’s mind completely. The old man used to be a dog person and wasn’t much concerned about felines. He wasn’t of the view that cats could be loving or supportive at all. But after meeting Sweet Potato, everything changed completely.

The little cat never used to leave the old man’s side. Till present, the cat and the old man are inseparable. This cat sensed that there was something wrong and stuck around to make sure that the old man was feeling okay.



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