Lioness Gives Male a Scolding As She Is Not Happy With Him Playfighting With Kids


Everybody is scared of the male lion who has a terrifying roar and majestic mane. Being the king of the jungle, the male lion has a certain authority that makes everyone afraid of him. But this may not be the truth. If you really want to know who is the actual one with the authority, read this story!

In this picture, you can clearly see who the male lion named Luke who is supposed to be the king of the jungle is getting an earful from his lioness counterpart. Apparently, the king of the jungle reports to his female counterpart.

There was a play fight with their children and it all went a little too far. The lioness got pretty angry at the lion and gave him a scolding.

In an angry mood, the male lion pinned his adorable daughter Lusaka to the ground to assert that he is the boss. But the playful cub wouldn’t stop nipping at the tail of the male lion. This really made the lioness angry and she didn’t think twice before giving a scolding to the king lion. After all the queen of the jungle is even above the king.

The king don’t have a choice but to listen to the queen. The lioness instantly told the lion how she felt about his rude act. Initially, the lion ignored the playful act of his daughter Lusaka who wouldn’t stop nipping at his tail. But gradually, he got irritated and pinned his daughter to the ground.

It was just a play fight, but the lioness still took offence. The protective mother immediately came to an end when the lioness took charge. She instantly started scolding his male counterpart lion and even bared her teeth.

An amateur photographer Jennifer Lockridge captured these stunning images at the perfect moment. She said,

The particular cub, Lusaka, is particularly feisty and is always one of the last ones to go inside when called. Lusaka is definitely a “daddy’s girl” and seems to be the most enamoured with her father.


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