Kitten With Small Body But Strong Will To Live Undergoes A Life-Changing Transformation That Turns It Into A Gorgeous Calico Cat


Whenever anybody says ‘cats’, picture of a cute and adorable animal quickly pops up in our heads. The felines usually live a good life and they are known to rule the lives of their hoomans. But this not always the truth.

Many cats are left on the roads to fend for themselves and they try their best to survive in this brutal world. But these cats are not alone in this. There are a lot of kind people out there who look after these cats and help them with their struggles. These people have the sole aim of granting better days to these cats and provide them a loving home for the rest of their lives. The foster volunteers of Best Friends Felines work for this cause.

This story is about a particular cat named Lulu.

Recently, this cat was found by the foster volunteers and brought to the vet. Everyone was hoping that this cat gets a second chance at life. Kiki, one of the foster volunteers of Best Friends Felines, shared that she was contacted by the vet nurse regarding a kitten who were left at the vet by her hoomans to be put to sleep. All of the cat’s siblings were deceased.

Kiki said,

Lulu was riddled with fleas, loaded with hookworm, totally emaciated, and mostly bald as the babies were so hungry they ate each other’s fur to try and get some nutrition and sustenance into them.

The chances of survival of this cat were very low. She was starved and her organs had taken a beating, not to mention the worm burden and the fleas. The cat weighed less than three hundred grams. Every bone was protruding out of the cat’s body.

Even the cat was in a critical condition, she had a will to fight for her life. Kiki shared,

Lulu was one of those kittens that captured your heart instantly, not just because of her condition, but because she has the biggest personality, boldly confident and super outgoing. She was never ashamed to yell for your attention and demand cuddles! She adored everyone she met, from humans to other cats and dogs.

The little cat started to improve as she got proper care and her condition came under control. Her fur started to grow back and she even gained weight. After many months in care, the cat started to recover slowly. She soon found her forever home.

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