Extremely Rare White Lion Cub Captured On Camera In Kruger National Park, South Africa


Spotting a white lion is very rare and consider yourself really lucky if you get to do so.

A wildlife photographer named Lyle McCabe got lucky in this case when he visited the famous Kruger National Park in South Africa.

McCabe spotted a rare white lion cub and took amazing photos of the little adorable cub. The rare white lion was busy playing with his siblings when McCabe spotted him. Like the other animals of their species, they were all tawny.

The baby lion had white skin and fur. It was extremely rare. Luckily, the white cub wasn’t left alone by his family due to his color. In the pictures you can notice that the white cub is happy with his mother and huddling up around his siblings.

According to many people, this little white lion may be an albino. But this is not the case. The little cub has leucism due to which there is partial loss of pigmentation. This loss of pigmentation has resulted into complete loss of color and white color of the cub’s fur. Fortunately, this genetic condition does not have any effect on the eyes of this animal.

Everyone who sees this little white cub thinks that it is stunning. What about you? McCabe shared his thoughts about the moment he spotted the white cub. He said,

I was absolutely mind blown with this sighting. We had known the cubs had been born about a month before but as per company protocol we had moved away from the area for walking, tracking and driving off-road in order to ensure the safety of the animals.

McCabe excitedly showed the pictures of the white cub to his family who were also in shock. Nobody could believe that it was for real. His family members and friends were completely stunned and overwhelmed after looking at the pictures of the white lion cub.

Even though the white cub is super adorable, his white fur may make him more vulnerable to his predators.


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