Extremely Rare Black Tiger Snapped On Camera In India


Every animal is special, but there is something different about melanistic animals. They are purely gorgeous. Born to be different, melanistic animals become conspicuous wherever they are. But their physical appearance doesn’t always act to their advantage. This makes them easy to spot by the  predators and they can’t be left excluded in their colony.

Recently in India, an extremely rare black Bengal tiger was seen in the Odisha’s jungles.

When a tiger has a rare condition called melanism, it has black stripes all over it.

An amateur photographer named Soumen Bajpayee captured this gorgeous Bengal tiger in his frame. These are once in a lifetime pictures for every wildlife photographer out there.

At first, Soumen was surprised to see what he saw. A black Bengal tiger is very rare and even more difficult to spot. Bajpayee was very excited to capture the beautiful tiger in his camera. The rare black Bengal tiger came out from the trees only for a few minutes and went back inside quickly.

Without wasting any time, Bajpayee captured all that he could. Soumen said,

I was watching various birds in the trees, when I suddenly saw something which looked like a tiger but not like the usual tiger.

The melanistic tigers are very rare. The rare black Bengal tigers can only be spotted in India in the jungles of Odisha. There are less than such melanistic tigers in the entire world and they are on the brink of extinction.

Melanism usually occurs when there is lack of pigmentation in the skin. The melanistic tigers are highly elusive and it’s not easy to encounter them. Soumen got really lucky to see the melanistic tiger in real. We should be thankful to him for sharing his majestic pictures with everyone. It is really hard to get a chance to see these melanistic tigers.

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