Dog Raises Stray Kitten As One Of His Own, Now He Thinks He’s A Dog


Taryn and Jenna Choquette have a dog and a cat, but they often say that they have two dogs – Tuukka and Brady. It sounds strange, doesn’t it? Read ahead to know all about it.

The real dog of the family is Brady, while Tuukka is a cat actually. Tuukka also doesn’t know that he is a cat because he behaves like a dog all the time.

Taryn said,

We always joke that Tuukka is more like Brady – more of a dog than a cat. So we just call them ‘the dogs.’

The cat was found hanging on a tree near Austin, Texas. Taryn said,

A friend of a friend found him in the tree and took him home, and she fostered him for a couple days. And then we were like, ‘We need him. He’s adorable.’

Tuukka was just a month old and weighed around a pound when he was first brought home by Taryn. The little kitty was scared of everything, especially Brady. To make the kitty feel safe and adapt to his environment, the Choquettes gave a separate room to him. The cat’s room had a sliding glass door.

Brady was really happy to meet Tuukka. He waited by Tuukka’s room’s door till the little kitty liked him. Brady loves everyone and wants everyone to be his best friend.

As days passed, Tuukka grew braver and moved closer to the door. After a week, the Choquettes introduced both their pets to each other. It all started with a nose bop and then, there was no looking back.

Soon enough, the two became an inseparable pair. Brady happily took the role of Tuukka’s mommy. He started teaching Tuukka all the little things.

Brady also taught Tuukka to drink water from his bowl. Now, Tuukka won’t drink from his own cat bowl. Brady also taught Tuukka to beg for food and eat grass. Tuukka believes that he is also a dog now. He has never been with another cat.

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