Day In The Life Of A Cat Told In Snaps


A cat’s life is full of thousand mysteries. You can never solve all of them. What you can do instead is observe your cat and see how it fills its life with fun. Cats are always sneaky and busy doing something or the other. They carry the burden of the making everyone laugh, but never ever show how difficult it is. In today’s stressful life, cats achieve this impossible task everyday. They never stop or fail. With a cat’s determination and brain, you too can achieve the impossible. For now, all you have to do is relax and have a good laugh.

Here are some pawsome cat snaps depicting a day in a cat’s life. Have a look!


Only a cat knows how to make use of the things in your home in a pawsome way. What you can do is watch and click!


A cat suits everything very well. You just have to catch them in the right moment.


This is how a cat’s magic works. No one else is capable of these super powers.


Presenting the best cat costume ever!


This cat is very happy after accomplishing his mission. He has everyone’s attention and now he can take a nap full of satisfaction.


This cat doesn’t let his hooman suffer alone. “We are a team and we must work as one. So what if I can’t cut the onions. I can at least share your tears.”


When you finally save your plants from your cat and you can stop laughing at the look on your cat’s face.


A cat’s heart is always full of warmth, even when his eyes are cold as ice.


When you wake up in the middle of the night and interrupt your cats’ secret meeting. “Why did you get up? We didn’t make any noise and neither did we drop your glass of water. Go away, now!”


“The show is over. You all can go now. A cat must keep some secrets safe.”

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