“Crazy Cat Lady” Depicts Life With Her Cat And Dog In Hilarious Comics


One crazy cat lady decided to have some fun. What better way to do this than using your pets? This lady has a special needs cat named Nils and a dog called Luka. These two have a great sense of humor and fill their hooman’s life with fun and adventure.

Here’s a look at the funny story of this cat and dog depicted by their hooman in comic form. Have a look and you will love them too!


Meet Nils and Luka! The cat and dog in this story. Aren’t they adorable?


Cats don’t like anything that is done in a usual way. Unlike dogs, cats don’t like it when their hooman rub their heads. It would be better if you kept some distance from them.


Cats like a clean house than a messed one. Do you know why? Any guesses? Because then the cats get to make a mess again. Isn’t that pawsome!


While dogs like to treat you as queens, it’s the other way round with cats. The felines rule the world and they won’t have it any other way.


Cats are always unpredictable. It would be better if you didn’t lay out a list beforehand. You will always get disappointed.


If you think that cats like it when you snuggle with them, then you are completely wrong. They are the ones who get to choose when they want to take a nap on your lap. So stop squeezing them in the blanket with you.


Cats never like the expensive gifts that you buy for them. So stop wasting your money on such things. They won’t be of any use to your cat. Give them an empty bottle instead.


When your cat stares into nothingness as if someone is there, the creepiest thing ever.


Unlike cats, dogs act all cute and make you feel safe.


Cats never feel nervous whenever they have to go out. They rule the world and act like it all the time.


You better leave your pets the way they are!

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