Cats Detesting Their Owners For Invading Their Space (15 Hilarious Pics)


Cats always like to keep a distance from their hoomans. They may like their hoomans, but they hate it when they get too close to them. If you try to get too close to your cat, you will definitely be left with scratch marks.

Here are some cats detesting their owners for invading their space. Have a look at these cats and you won’t be able to stop laughing!


When your cat want to be left alone, but you decide otherwise. There are some things that cats can’t control.


“Stay as far away from me as you can, hooman. You smell weird. Maybe you should take a bath.”


“There is something wrong with my hooman. He keeps on crushing me in his weird hugs. I just can’t breathe.”


The look on a cat’s face as soon as his hooman comes near him.


It is quite evident that the cat doesn’t want his hooman to get any near to him.


“Every time I pick up my cat, he tries to scratch me all over my face. I can’t understand why he would do this.”


“What are you trying to do, hooman? I don’t like how it feels.”


Holding your cat like it’s a baby is not a good idea. Always ask your cat before taking it in your arms.


A cat will always try to put as much distance between his hooman and himself.


“Hooman, I don’t like how you look up this close. Can you put me down, please?”


Taking a picture with your cat can be really hard because the cat doesn’t like it.


“You can stare at me, but you are not supposed to touch me. It is one of the rules that you are not supposed to break.”


When you try to hold your cat, but he won’t stop scratching you.


“Touch me and I will bite you as hard as I can.”


“My hooman tries to come near me every now and then, only to be pushed away by me.”

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