Cat shows up with a note from neighbors they don’t know then they just keep coming


There are two kinds of cats in the world. The ones who love to socialize and the ones who ignore everyone including their hoomans.

Meet Billy, the black and white cat who loves to socialize with people!

This little cat lives in Hackney, London and loves to explore his local neighborhood.

Olga Shipunova (29) and Zack King (37) are Billy’s owners and they know very well about their cat’s  long periods of time. They never stop the cat from going out. But one day, the cat returned home with a note attached to his collar. Billy’s hoomans did not expect that they would become pen-pals with a stranger.

Zack also shared the story of his cat on the Twitter account. Here’s what the note says:

“Your cat likes to come visit us when he is outside. He will sit at the door and meow to be let it. It’s actually hilarious and we love him!! We have no idea where he is coming from. What’s his name? we call him Billy 🙂 From your friendly neighbors!”

After Olga and Zack read this note, they decided to write back to the neighbors. They thought that it would be fun to do this. Billy’s hoomans tucked the note back to the cat’s collar where they found the previous note.

Billy, being the obedient mail cat, happily took the note back to the neighbors.

He went straight out the door and delivered the note to the neighbors. Billy’s hoomans shared the cat’s pictures from when he was a little baby to recipe tips.

Even though Billy’s hoomans were complete strangers with the neighbors, they started talking to their new penpals as if they have known each other since ages. Look at all the notes that they shared and you will know how it was.

Billy’s hooman also gave him a mailbag. But it wasn’t long before the kitty lost it. Zack said,

He is feisty, curious, and independent. He’s friendly but affectionate on his own terms.

Zack explained that Billy was a great explorer and he often goes out on his own for long periods of time. Zack said,

He has a cat flap so he comes and goes as he chooses. He has no timetable—sometimes he will be gone for a whole day or a whole night (he likes to mix things up). The only real trouble he makes is with the local mouse community. However, as he usually brings them back alive, we have humane traps so we are able to set them free again.

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