Cat Rescuer Explains Why ‘Dog People’ Misinterpret Cat Social Behavior


Cats and dogs are often compared to each other as if they both belong to the same animal species. People tend to compare cats with dogs and then call cats mean and unsocial. But this is not true at all. Cats are also social creatures. In fact, there are many assumptions about cats that you need to know about.

We often don’t recognize the social behavior of cats and dogs and go on assuming things about them. Elle M has penned an enriching thread explaining the different ways in which cats and dogs are social. This will debunk a lot of myths about cats and dogs.

Cats are ignored and neglected because humans refuse to understand them.

It is really wrong to assume that dogs are the default animals for humans. People don’t realize that cats are social creatures as well. Dogs are cooperative creatures and they are built as if they have to work in a team to perform a task.

Cats, on the other hand, are not built to work as a team. They are only meant to stay together as people do in a neighborhood. People can stay in close proximity in a neighborhood, but their relationships cannot be defined. Depending on the people, relations in a neighborhood change.

Some neighbors can be really good friends with each other and even take care of each other’s children. While there are some people who don’t care at all about their neighbors and go on living their lives as if they are the only ones to walk this planet.

Your neighbors may love you or hate you. Cats are quite similar. They might care for you or act as if you don’t exist. In feral colonies as well, cats might hang out together and take care of each other’s kittens. While some might just go on ignoring each other. It all differs from cat to cat.

If you compare cats and dogs, then cats are likely to act like people more. So if you think that cats are not social, then just think about humans. It would be really wrong to categorize cats on this basis. People are more used to loyal and cooperative dogs, this is why they think cats are not social.

Well, cats may be social or not. It all depends on how the cat likes it. Don’t forget to share!

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