Cat Paralyzed From Waist Down Drags Himself Through Clinic To Comfort Sick Dogs


Cats are full of love and care for everyone around them. They have proved this time and again.

Meet Lucifer, the cat who is a star employee for all the sick animals at a vet clinic. The black cat is paralyzed from waist down as he injured his spine.

After the vet clinic took the cat, he was nursed back to health. Gradually, the cat adapted to the situation. He learnt to drag his paralyzed back legs using his front paws around the clinic.

Lucifer values everyone around him and using his second chance at life very carefully. The cat loves to comfort all the patients at the vet clinic.

The little kitty cuddles up with the other animals at the clinic and cuddles with them to make sure that they are safe and comfortable. The furry cat is really good at what he does. Lucifer likes to keep an eye on all the patients at the vet’s clinic and also makes sure that everyone is given proper care.

After being sick for so long, the cat knows what patients need the most. He knows that care and love is all that the animals need the most in such situation. It doesn’t matter to the cat if it’s a dog or a cat, big or small.

The cat treats everyone the same i.e. with love and care.

The cat has been really helpful in calming down all the sick animals as he gives them the comfort and love that they need in the tough times. The furry cat has learnt to walk around the clinic with the help of his front two legs.

If there is any place that the cat is not able to reach easily, he takes help from his co-workers to do the same. The cat has not only given his love and care to all the animals in the clinic, but he has also donated blood to several sick kittens a lot of times. Lucifer has certainly made the world a better place to live in for all the animals in the clinic.

This cat also has a page on Instagram and everyone loves him. Be it the staff of the clinic or the sock patients there, nobody can go about their day without the cat. Lucifer has certainly taught everyone how to be kind and loving towards one another.

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