Cat Is Blind Due To Neglect, Her Life Turned Around By Love


Not every cat is lucky enough to find a good family at the right time. But some are fortunate enough to find the family that they deserve. Every cat deserved love and proper care. If they don’t find a loving family at the right time, then things can go really wrong for the cats.

Meet Moet! This cat turned blind due to neglect.

Moet was lucky that her rescuers saved her from the dark days and gave her the love and care that she deserves. The cat was in a very poor condition at the pet shop. There was no proper arrangement of food or water for the cat. In fact, there was no bed to lay down either. Living in such terrible conditions, Moet caught the bird flu from another cat in the pet shop.

Moet’s condition got so bad that the infection spread to her eyes. Unfortunately, the cat’s eyes had to be removed due to the infection. There was no other way to save the little cat. She was in terrible pain. Even though Moet had no eyes, her rescuers ensured that she got the best of everything.

Moet was given proper care. She was also given sufficient food, water and a comfortable bed to sleep on. Moet started to feel better and her appetite also returned gradually. Now, Moet’s terrible childhood is behind her and she is very happy. With the right care and love, any cat would grow stronger and it’s best self.

Even though Moet can’t see anything, she gets really happy and excited whenever her rescuers get gifts for her.

Cats love boxes and Moet is no different. Moet comes to know when she gets into a box and then it is very difficult to make her sleep in her bed. A box is always better than the most comfortable bed that the cat is. Humans can never understand why, but maybe they don’t need to.

Despite all the things that the cat has gone through, Moet is a very sweet and loving cat. You too will fall in love with her when you meet her.

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