Barnaby The Pensive Persian Cat Always Looks Like He Didn’t Have His Morning Coffee


There is a variety of cats all around the world. They come in varied shapes and sizes. Some are slim, some are sleepy, some are fluffy, while some are hyper. Being a cat is not at all easy. But cats have learnt how to accept themselves the way they are. Meet Barnaby, a fluffy Persian with melancholic eyes and a permanent frown!

It is impossible for Barnaby not to get noticed due to his physical appearance. The cat sleeps for almost twenty hours a day. Cats rarely smile, but Barnaby wears his smile upside down all the time. The phrase “turn that frown upside down” is fit for this cat who loves to frown all the time.

Even though the fluffy cat wears a frown all the time, he is really happy in his life. Don’t let the appearance of this cat deceive you. In fact with this grumpy look, Barnaby can pull a lot of great looks including “I didn’t sleep at all last night” or “I always want some more sleep” and not to forget “permanent bad hair day”.

Barnaby’s hooman said,

Barnaby will be 5 in May. He was an only cat for a while until we welcomed his little sister last year (Barnaby wasn’t as welcoming). He is very spoiled and likes to sleep about 20 hours a day. He naps on my chair (mom’s) during the day so if I want to sit down, I have to sit on the floor. He only likes to be petted when he’s in the mood. We love him.

Here are some more adorable pictures of Barnaby! This cat never fails to amuse everyone.

The one with the hooman! A cat is always happy to be with his hooman. But only a few cats allow their hoomans to take pictures with them.

Don’t forget to share this awesome story with your friends and family! Cats are beautiful no matter how they look. This is all because they accept themselves the way they are.

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