Adorable Baby Rhino Falls In Love With Her Rescuer’s Cat


Jamie Traynor works in The Rhino Orphanage. One day she got a call to pick up Jamila, a newly orphaned rhino. The little rhino was attacked by a poacher when she was trying to save her rhino mom.

In order to reduce stress, the staff at The Rhino Orphanage would put earplugs and blindfold the rhinos. The rescued rhinos are completely clueless and they have no clue what’s going around them.

Jamie said,

When we pick them up, they don’t know what’s happening, and they’ve lost their mum.

It takes a lot of time to gain the trust of a new rhino. Jamie spends a lot of time with the new rhinos in order to calm them down. Jamila used to stay with the humans mostly as she was very little. Jamie also had a cat named Mewie who decided to join in and take care of the little rhino. The cat stayed around the rhino constantly.

If we were sleeping in a room, Mewie would sleep there. If we went on a walk, he would join us there.

Mewie gave her attention to Jamila constantly as he really cared about her. Jamila also responded well to Mewie’s attention and their friendship began to blossom soon. This friendship is truly one of its kind.

I think Jamila really like the company, they were very cute together. To see a cat and a rhino together, I nearly died.

Here’s a video about the complete story of Jamila’s rescue and she ended up becoming such good friends with the cat named Mewie! It’s amazing to see the two of them together.

It didn’t take long for Jamila and Mewie to become friends. The two were meant to be friends from the very beginning. Cats have only love for everyone in their hearts and they are always ready to help people and animals they come in contact with.

We all can learn a lot from the pure friendship of Jamila and Mewie. When it comes to making friends, you should look beyond the appearance. Then, you will see that there is much more to the world than it meets the eyes.

Looking at these two, it seems like they have been friends since forever.

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