20 Times Cats Made Their Hoomans Ask “What’s Wrong With My Cat?” (New Pics)


Cats can be really weird at times and do things that you can’t even imagine. Some cat hoomans caught their cat doing all the weird things and they were completely amused. If you are a cat hooman, you might already know what it is all about. Here are some times when cats made their hoomans ask “What’s wrong with my cat? Have a look at these cats and you will know!


When your cat starts showing you affection all of a sudden instead of biting you.


This is how the cat likes to sit and now his hooman has also accepted the truth.


When the cat is hungry, this is what she starts doing and it is super weird.


When you ask the cat to sleep in his own bed and this is how he reacts to it. Well, cats can be really surprising at times.


This kitty wanted to be a bat, so he became one. Those expressions say it all!


When things go upside down and you need a little help, cats often look upto their hoomans.


When you leave your cat outside and close the door behind, your cat will find every way to enter.


This kitty didn’t ask for a haircut. Cat hoomans need to take their cat’s permission before doing any such thing.


This kitty was found sitting at top of his hooman and staring at him while he slept. Cats can be really weird at times.


The cat saw his hooman doing this and couldn’t help but copy.


This cat was just trying to catch a fish. It seems like he got inside the wrong pond.


When you ask your cat to do push-ups and he someone manages to do that.


Cats were super hungry and needed something to eat immediately.


Sometimes cat hoomans have to teach their cats the right way of doing things.


When a cat is comfortable doing something, you are not supposed to interrupt him. Just stay back and observe.


This kitty is all about staring at people and getting angry for no reason.


When you ask the cat if he wants to play and this is how it ends.


The kitty didn’t get it at first, but now it’s all fine.


When your cat lets the lizzy stay, you should know that something is not right.


It’s all about climbing the window.

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