20 Times Cats And Dogs That Have Something Important To Say


Cats and dogs are pawsome and they always have something or the other to speak. As they can’t speak, cats and dogs approach their hoomans through different ways. It can be quite intriguing how cats and dogs approach their hoomans.

Have a look at these cats and dogs that have something important to day!


When you don’t listen to the cat and put him into water. “Why don’t you ever listen to me, hooman! I told you no baths!”


These little pups have decided upon something and are eagerly waiting for their hooman’s attention. It’s time that their hooman start listening to them.


This kitty has a long list of complaints, but the cat hooman has got no time.


When your pet can’t speak, but you know how to read. Things can be really weird at times.


The cat seems really angry with the entire arrangement and you have no clue about it.


When you forget to wear seatbelt and your pawsome friend reminds you of it.


This little pup wants your attention. He has an important announcement to make. Please listen!

When your pets have a lot to speak but don’t know how to speak, they may use different ways to communicate.


When your pup has wrapped up everything and is planning to go on a picnic.


This kitty wants to be left alone.


When you wrap the kitty and he can’t do anything. “You better not do this to me, hooman.”


This little one looks really upset. His hooman needs to rectify certain things.


When the kitty has no clue that you know what he did last night.


When the new pet is getting more attention, this is how the old one will react to it.


This cat is hiding away so that his hooman gives him some attention.


This one wants some help.


When you forget to get gifts for your pets, so this is how they remind you.


Here are some bonus cat pictures for you. The more, the merrier. Cat lovers know that there is never enough of cat pictures.

Don’t forget to share these pawsome pet stories with your family and friends! Do you also have pets who have a lot to speak? Share your stories with us in the comments below! It is always fun to have more cats and dogs stories.

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