20 Spoiled Cats That Are Angry About Their Hard Lives And It’s Visible On Their Faces


Cats want all that they like and don’t want to listen to anything else. Here are some spoiled cats that are angry about their hard lives and it’s visible on their faces. Have a look at these cats and you will know how angry these cats really are!


When you don’t give the cat the gift that he asked for and he makes sure that you know how disappointed he is.


You are not supposed to leave the cat out of the home when it’s chilling outside.


You are not allowed to experiment things on your cat without his permission. Please ask the cat first.


When you tell the cat that he is not allowed to sleep on your bed, you should know that it is the biggest mistake of your life.


Cats are quite possessive of their hoomans and you are not allowed to get anywhere near their hooman.


When you leave home without telling your cat and try to apologize later, you should know that you will not be forgiven.


Only cats are allowed to wake up their hoomans. It never works the other way round.


The kitty wanted to know certain things, but his hooman refused to answer.


The cat can do anything to get what it wants. Cats won’t ever listen to you.


When you see your cat giving you death stares, you better start thinking about all your mistakes and apologize to the cat.


This is the look you will get from a cat when you wake them up in the middle of the night.


This is the obvious manner in which the cat should react. What else were you expecting?


If you think that this is better than death stares, then you are completely wrong. The cat is planning to kill you.


Cats don’t like to share what belongs to them. Please don’t try to offend them.


When you tell the cat that you forgot to bring his treats, the cat will be super angry.


This kitty was hungry, but his hooman forgot to give him food.


You can’t steal anything when the cat is in-charge.


This black kitty needs some sleep.


The kitty never thought that hoomans could be so disappointing.


Cats get angry when you start petting them without their permission.

Is your cat also angry at you? Let us know what makes your cat angry in the comments below!

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