20 Pawsome Cats Who Forgot What They Were Supposed To Do


Cats are pawsome and they are always in control of everything around them. But there are times when they get confused and forget what they were supposed to do.

Here are some pawsome cats who forgot that they were supposed to do. Have a look at these cats and you too will get confused what these cats are trying to do!


This cat was just looking for a comfortable place to sleep, but see what happened.


When the cat gets too excited on seeing the empty cardboard box and doesn’t care at all about the expensive gift that you bought.


This cat is not sure what he is supposed to be doing, so he stopped midway.


When you are not sure if your cat is staring at you or just trying to contact an invisible source.


Nobody can steal something that belongs to the cat. Look how the cat is protecting the big loaf!


This cat landed on the wrong planet and only wants to get back home. “Take me back!”


These cats had the drinks that they were not supposed to have.


When your cat finally realises that he has been doing it wrong all this while.


Boxes are not always comfortable and cats need to know this.


Cats can do all they like. It would be better if you just play along.


When the cat is tired, but also wants to play hide and seek.


When your cat finally agrees to get clicked and gives the best shots ever!


This cat learnt how to stand on two paws and now he can’t go back to being how it was before.


“Let’s try something new today! How does this look?”


Meet Loco, the cat who always looks confused!


This cat family looks purrfect together. You just can’t take your eyes off them.


Stare at your hooman and you can achieve it all. This is what the cat is doing to get food.


There is no such thing as a weird place to sleep for cats.


This cat was getting tired and needed some support. Look what he did!


When the cat is upside down just to get a better view.

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