15 Times Cats Committed Crimes, Left Evidence, And Their Owners Shared It On Twitter


Cats do a lot of mischief all day long and they get caught too a lot of times. even though the cat hoomans think that sharing their crimes with everyone would make the cat feel guilty, but this is not so. The cats are always busy doing what they like without caring what others will think.

Here are some times when cats committed crimes, left evidence and their owners shared it on twitter. Have a look at these cats and you will know!


A cat needs to leave his paw prints everywhere he goes.


The expressions on the cat’s face clearly show that he has no regrets.


When you touch your cat without his permission, this is bound to happen.


“Hooman, we need another chair in the house. Please arrange for it as soon as possible.”


A cat has the right to first taste when you cook. You can’t make the cat feel guilty for this.


Leaving a paw mark on all the substantial places is not an easy task. You have to look for a good place and then do what is required.


Always let your cat do whatever he wants with your food. It is for your own good.


“I was only trying to help you, hooman. Don’t look at me like you are angry with me.”


Every cat hooman can definitely relate to this.


Leaving your drinks unattended around a cat is your fault, not the cat’s. Stop blaming your cat for everything that you do.


“You just need a new couch hooman. I did what was required. Get some extra treats for me if you want to thank me.”


Cats don’t fear getting caught. They own everything they do.


This is what cats are supposed to do.


Sometimes, cats make it easy for you to track them.


Finding cat paw prints everywhere is a sign that you are a cat hooman. There is nothing new in it.

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