15 Glamourous Fluffy Farm Cats From Siberia That Resemble Tiny Bears


Cats come in all shapes and sizes and all of them are pawsome. Some cats are lean, while other are big and fluffy. Then there are huge fluffy farm cats from Siberia that resemble tiny bears.

Here are some glamorous fluffy farm cats from Siberia that resemble tiny bears. Have a look at these cats and you will know how pawsome they are!


When you are surrounded by snow on all four sides and don’t know what to do about it.


Cats know how to take care of themselves. If you ever live with a cat, you will have to make sure that you keep your home clean.


These cats are busy bird watching. Maybe they are even planning their next move. Beware birds!


The snow crown looks really good on the cat, but he is not very comfortable with it. The cat just wants to do away with the crown.


Cats keep an eye on everyone around them. This is how they quickly get hold of anything that goes wrong.


When you assemble all the cats together, it better be for something huge or else, the cats will get offended.


This fluffy big cat is not afraid of anything, even snow. Look how fearless and courageous the cat is!


Cats can climb up anything and everything that they want. They never need any permission.


You don’t need CCTV cameras when you have cats at home. They will keep a watch on everyone who passes by.


Have you ever seen cats hunting? If not, then you have got a really good opportunity here.


Cats fight sometimes, but then they patch up quickly as well.


These cats not only like to do bird watching, but they like to live like birds as well. The only question is who built a nest for these cats.


What is this cat doing up there? He is definitely wondering about some mystery of the world.


When the reindeers are on leave, but the cats like to help.


This cat froze because of the cold. Someone needs to help the cat.

Don’t forget to share the pictures of these pawsome fluffy cats and put a smile on everyone’s face around you! Share your views about these cats with us in the comments below. Do you like big fluffy cats or the lean and mean ones? Let us know and ask around!

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