15 Cats That Can’t Survive, Even a Moment, Away From Their Humans


Cats may not show a lot of affection to their hoomans, but they always want to be around their hoomans. If your ever notice, your cat will always be in the same room as you. Cats like to keep a watch on their hoomans all the time and they can’t stay away from them.

Here are some cats that can’t survive, even a moment away from their humans. Have a look at these cats and you will know why!


“Every time I try to leave the home, this is what my cat does. He hates it when I leave him alone at home.”


“My cat hugs me every time he thinks I am sad or depressed. This happens at least ten times a day and I am used to it now.”


Cats just want to stare at their hoomans whole day long.


“My cat hates it when I play video games. This is what he does to stop me.”


Cats are always worried about their hoomans, so they keep a constant watch on them.


“My cat doesn’t need a bed to sleep on because he has got me.”


A cat hooman can’t get up till the time his cat wants him too. Cats are really possessive about their hoomans.


“Close your eyes, hooman. You need your beauty sleep.”


Some cat hoomans need a bag to carry their hoomans around.


“My cat sticks his face to my laptop when it’s time for his dinner.”


“Shouting at the top of his voice is what my cat does when I am not around. I can’t leave him alone even for a moment.”


This is how cats give company to their hooman when the cat hooman wants to watch TV.


A cat will always have a comfortable place from where he can watch his hoomans and also take a nap.


“My cat sits at my laptop and stares at me.”


Cats really care for their hoomans a lot.

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