15 Cats That Can Make You Smile And Angry All At Once!


Cats are mysterious beings and they don’t really tell what they are usually upto. But it is impossible not to notice the end result of their actions. Cats make their hoomans go crazy at times. Still, the cat hoomans can’t stay angry at their cats for a long time.

Here are some cats that can make you smile and angry all at once. Have a look at these pictures and you will understand exactly what it is about!


Even though a cat can read, it will choose to ignore what you want to say when it doesn’t feel like it.


When there is a cat around, finding paw marks on your food is not a new thing.


This cat’s hooman went out to put all the missing cat posters only to find the cat back at home, sitting right next to the poster.


If you are looking for your cat, this could be a possible place where you could find it.


When you don’t involve the cat in your game, you will find him sleeping on the top of the board.


Cats can’t stop being adorable even when they do something that makes you angry.


You should always ask your cat before bringing a dog into your home.


This cat loves to carry his hooman’s shoe everywhere he goes.


This cat tried to look scared so that his hooman doesn’t get angry at him. It is working somehow. It is impossible to get angry at your cat.


When the cat hooman decides to go out, this is what the cat does.


The store owner had to empty this shelf because the cat wanted to sit here.


Sitting on the biggest pizza slice is all that a cat really wants.


When you start living with cats, you really need to be careful about everything that you buy. Cats love to mess things up.


A cat usually bites when you don’t ask for its permission before taking a picture with him.


When you have been watching TV whole day and not spending time with your cat, this could happen.

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