10 Tweets Of Cats Doing The Weirdest Things


The felines like to do their own thing even when it feels weird and awkward to other. For cats, following their heart is something that is most important to them. Other than that, nothing else matters. If you have ever lived with a cat, you might have some idea about all the weird things that cats do. If not, then you are all set to find out about it.

Here are some tweets of cats doing their weirdest things. Have a look at these cats and you will find out all about how weird cats can be!


Cats need to check if their hoomans have the right company or not. So please don’t mind if the cat tries to judge you or come across as rude. It’s a part of their job.


When your cat gets trapped due to his own actions, it can be really hilarious. “Do you want to stay in there a little longer, little kitty?”


Cats don’t like to visit the vet and they may end up doing weird stuff if you take them to the vet without their permission.


It’s hilarious when your other pet takes over your cat’s possession and he is not able to do anything about it. Cats also feel helpless at times.


The cat just wants everything to be in order. Please don’t disturb the cat or try to interrupt his progress. Always let your cat do what it wants.


Cats like to do weird things all the time and you are only allowed to smile at them. There is no way that your cat will follow your instructions, so it would be better if you didn’t try.


Cats sure have weird ways of communicating with their hoomans. But as long as it works, it’s good for both the cat and his hooman.


Cats are super hygienic, but accidents happen all the time. This hooman shouldn’t have done this to her cat.


Cats do weird things behind their hooman’s back all the time. You just need to be present to watch and appreciate.


Cats fool their hoomans all the time, but you have to be really smart if you want to fool your cats.

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