10 Tweets About Cats Who Want To Watch The World Burn


Nobody said that it would be easy, but it will definitely be worth it. Living with a cat is something similar to this. Cats are not easy to live with, but it is also impossible to live without them once you have a cat in your home.

Here are some hilarious tweets about cats who want to watch the world burn. Have a look at these pictures and figure out what your cat is up to!


Your cat has complete power over you. All it has to do is ask and you would do anything for your little kitty.


Cats not only has the power to fool you, but their fellow cats also. But they also has the courage to own what they do. Cats are just pawsome. no other word describes them better than this.


The cat is all set to take charge. Be prepared cat hooman, it’s time to give the throne to its true heir.


While some cat hoomans think that their cats are planning to kill them, this one knows that he would certainly die when the cat swings the sword.


Sometimes a cat’s ambush doesn’t work as well as it thought. But anyways, it was put into action.


The cat did it on purpose to check if the sandwich is good for its hooman or not. Cats like to keep constant checks on their hoomans.


When your cat decides to acknowledge the empty chair and not, this is how it is supposed to be. A cat will treat you like you should be treated. It knows that too much attention will spoil its hooman.


Cats do this all the time, but you are not capable enough to understand it yet. Maybe a few decades later, this would be possible.


This is how a cat and its hooman’s relationship works. If it is not this way, then it doesn’t exist.


Cat has all the things ready to burn his hooman.

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